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سه شنبه، 12 دی 1385

1- بالاخره روزنامه‌ی اعتماد ملی تو قسمت سیاست مجازی از زیتون هم نوشت:)
آره بابا جون. داشت دیر می‌شد.
به نظر من این اعتماد ملی هم بد روزنامه‌ای نیست ها....
قسمت زیتونشو حال بنمایید:
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2- این ای‌میل خارجکی هم همین چندساعت پیش از Abigail Sanderson بهم رسید:
(بعدا فهمیدم این ای‌میلو به همه‌ی اونایی که مطلبشون تو این کتاب اومده فرستاده:))

I don't even know if you are able read or to translate what I write here. But I just finished reading a captivating cultural studies book with quotes from Iranian weblogs over the Christmas holidays called We Are Iran. As you are quoted in the book you have probably read it but to me it all came as an amazing eye-opener and a revelation.

So when I heard of Sadam's execution (even though the news keeps showing pictures of his atrocities in Iraq) all that I could think of was Iran. I am sorry but I was ignorant of many things until I had read this book and I was so moved by your painful memories of the war and the suffering of your people. I had no idea about the chemical weapon victims in Iran and that even though saddam was the instrument but we in the west are all guilty. Ignorance is no excuse. I am humbled by your long proud history and culture. I had no idea how poetic, graceful and funny ordinary Iranian can be.

To be honest like most people in my country I always thought that Iranians were Arabs. I must also ashamedly add that I studied sociology at university (though 30 years ago) so I should know better. But at least now I know that some Iranians are Arabs but most aren't.

I fell in love with your poetic Persian phraseology and in return I would like to offer you a British poem that came to mind as I read this mesmerising book. William Shakespeare once wrote:

"If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?"

Yes he was right and whether English or Iranian we are all one. I was able to laugh and cry with you throughout and It also rapidly enabled me to see past the angry headlines about your president and to know that what ever our beliefs or behaviour patterns we have more in common than we often realise.

You have given me so much and the least I can do is to pick out as many email addresses from this book that I can and send every one of you a heartfelt New Year wish and a Happy Eid.

Abbey Sanderson

3- اینو خانم سارا اسمیت در تاریخ Friday, April 01, 2005 9:23 PM
برام نوشته بود:
Dear Z8un,

I am writing to inform you that we would like to include comments from your weblog in an upcoming book about Iran . The book is a multi-voiced portrait of contemporary Iran using hundreds of Iranian weblogs as its primary source; with quotes ranging from a few words to a few paragraphs. But a handful of your posts have been translated that we would like to use.

Quotes are largely tiny abstracts and short paragraphs taken from much larger body of text and copyright is respected and will of course belong to the author of weblogs. However all translated quotes are subject to editing/copy-editing for length, clarity, and style, grammar and legal concerns. And even tough you have been contacted there is a chance that your quote may be edited out.
I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions that you may have. Sincerely
Sara Smith

4- و حالا :
Mon, 1 Jan 2007
Dear Iranian Blogger

A brief update of how WE ARE IRAN has been received by the press and some critics:

Hidden delights you may have missed ... The Observer

We Are Iran selected amongst the Independent 2006 Books of the Year and
New Statesman critics choice 2006 .

We Are Iran recommended by English PEN.

The Guardian “An engaging and inventive book that deserves a wide audience”

Independent “This is not the first example of a book made out of blogs; the Iraq war spawned a couple. It does, I think, count as the finest so far”

Sunday Observer: “This is a valuable document on an intriguing, troubled country.”

The Independent: “Dump your presumptions and enjoy this enlightening selection from Iran 's fearless bloggers”

Book Munch “It is honest, comical and clever and has the power to move mountains in its ability to demolish stereotypes en masse.”
The Scotsman “This could very well be the nearest thing to a nation writing its own history.
Financial Times “What makes this book special is the voice of the bloggers, the ordinary people of Iran who get to have their say at last. And they are eloquent, educated, poetic, charming, witty and brave.”

The Columbia Journalism Review: “one of the most interesting of the past year’s books on Iran is indeed about Iranian bloggers. We Are Iran ”

The Times Literary Supplement: “Alavi’s compelling social and political history of her country reveals the paradoxes of the modern Islamic Republic”

Best Wishes
Sara Smith

"کتابWe Are Iran" " نسرین علوی" چه کرده!

5- کماکان تولدمه.
تبریک‌های شما رو به بهترین قیمت خریداریم!
از دوستانی که بهم کامنتا" و ای‌میلا" تبریک گفتن بی‌نهایت ممنونم.

6- مجموعه کتاب‌ها و مجله و روزنامه‌هایی که مقاله، ترجمه یا نامه‌ای از خانواده‌مون توش چاپ شده بود بسته‌بندی کرده بودیم و جایی تقریبا مورد اطمینان گذاشته بودیم. صاحب‌خونه برای مدتی اتاقی که این اسناد(مهم برای ما) توش نگه‌داری می‌کرد می‌ده به یه نفر بی‌جا تا وقتی خونه پیدا می‌کنه توش زندگی کنه. اینم نامردی نمی‌کنه و بسته رو کمپلت می‌ذاره دم در آشغالی ببره... وقتی فهمیدیم و بهش گفتیم چیکار کرده خنده‌ای کرد و با بی‌خیالی گفت اووووه....حالا مگه چی شده!؟

7- حالا من چون اصولا آدم شلوغی هستم و مطمئنم این تیکه روزنامه رو گم می‌کنم اینجا گذاشتمش... وگرنه اینا برای من عددی نیست:)

8- اینایی که تو وبلاگاشون می‌نویسن ادامه‌ی مطلب، یعنی این‌ کارو می کنن؟؟ ای ناقلاها!
ادیتور منم از اول همچین امکانی رو داشته و من خنگ نمی‌دونستم...می‌دیدم تو ادیتور دو قسمت جای نوشتن داره ولی نمی‌دونستم به چه دردی می‌خوره. خوبه مطالب طولانی‌مو نصفشو اینجا بنویسم:)

9- بازم بنویسم ببینم ادامه‌ی مطلب نوشتن چه حالی می‌ده...

10- بلد نبودم چه‌طوری انگلیسی‌ها رو از چپ به راست مرتب کنم.

11- هومن مسگری می‌خواد تموم مطالب یلدابازی بچه‌ها رو تو وبلاگ Yalda Game بگذاره...

12- البته قبلا امیر در وبلاگ بازی یلدا تعداد زیادی از نوشته‌های بچه‌ها رو گذاشته بود.

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